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Missouri: #26 in Traffic Fatalities and Other Accident Data

| Mar 21, 2024 | Car Accident

In 2010, Missouri experienced 776 fatal car crashes with 819 resulting fatalities. That ranked the state right in the middle for fatalities in traffic accidents by state in the United States. If you factor in population, the fatality rate in Missouri was 13.66 per 100,000 people, or slightly higher than the national average. 510 of these deaths were the driver, 148 were the passenger, 95 were motorcyclists, 55 were pedestrians, and 7 were bicyclists. Of these fatalities, 319 took place in cars, 299 in light trucks, 13 in large trucks, 1 in a bus, 95 in motorcycles,. Just under one third (32%) of these deaths involved a drunk driver.

It is sobering to see how many of our fellow citizens lose their lives to car collisions every day. . Nearly one-fifth (17%) of car accidents list speeding as the leading cause of the accident. Factoring in fatal accidents, that number jumps to nearly 40%. Another stark statistic relates to motorcycles: despite only being involved in less than two percent of accidents, 80% of accidents involving a motorcyclist resulted in personal injury or death.

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