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Car accidents in Missouri range widely from minor fender-benders to serious multi-vehicle collisions. Understanding your legal rights is crucial for seeking justice and compensation.

Car accidents may result in a range of injuries, from whiplash, torn ligaments or muscles, to more severe conditions like traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage. Types of compensation you may be entitled to include coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and/or property damage.

At Grayson & Grayson in Missouri, our attorneys are well-versed in handling a variety of motor vehicle accidents. Our commitment is to guide you through the steps to justice and recovery. Our attorneys provide personalized attention to every client, ensuring that you are informed and supported throughout your claim process.

Types Of Compensation Available For People Injured In Car Accidents In Missouri

Victims of a car accident in Missouri may be entitled to a wide range of compensations that go beyond merely covering medical expenses.

  • Loss of income: If your injury prevents you from working, either temporarily or permanently, you can be compensated for the wages you have lost, and potentially, for future earnings you will miss out on. This compensation is designed to minimize the financial blow that an accident may inflict on your life.
  • Emotional distress: Car accidents often leave psychological scars that can affect your quality of life. This could manifest as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. The emotional turmoil you endure is considered a real and significant damage for which you deserve compensation.
  • Pain and suffering: The physical discomfort and hardship caused by the accident, including ongoing pain or permanent disability, also warrants compensation. Determining the amount for this category can be challenging, given its subjective nature, but an experienced lawyer can guide you in this process.
  • Replacement or vehicle repairs: If your vehicle was damaged in the accident, you are entitled to compensation for repairs or should receive fair compensation to replace your vehicle.

The above compensation aims to restore your life to as close as it was prior to the accident. With one of our personal injury lawyers, you can ensure that all these potential avenues of compensation are thoroughly explored to secure your financial recovery.

What To Do After A Car Crash

The steps that you take after a car accident can significantly influence the outcome of your claim. It is essential to call the police, seek medical attention, exchange information with the other driver, and contact an attorney as soon as possible. Knowing how to document your car accident is also critical: take photographs of the scene, your vehicle, and any injuries you sustained. This evidence can be invaluable in building a strong case.

Equally important is knowing what not to do after a car accident. Avoid admitting fault, signing any documents from insurance companies without consulting an attorney, providing recorded statements to insurance companies, or neglecting to follow up on medical treatment. Such missteps can jeopardize your claim and potential compensation.

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