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Understanding The Range And Classification Of Personal Injuries

Personal injury is any harm caused to a person, also known as bodily injury. Bodily injury can range from a simple bruise to serious injuries causing lasting health concerns.

Serious bodily injury includes physical impairment of the body or injuries that create a substantial risk of death, permanent disfigurement, loss of a limb or loss of function of a body part or organ.

Catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and spinal cord injuries (SCIs) lead to dramatic changes in lifestyle over months, years or permanently.

No matter how severe or treatable your injuries are after a car wreck or fall injury, we are here to help. We are experienced, persistent personal injury lawyers serving the Jefferson City area and beyond in central Missouri.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases

We have represented clients in large numbers of accidental injury cases, such as the following:

If you were injured another way, please give us a chance to review the facts and advise you on a course of action likely to bring you the compensation that you need.

Insightful Jefferson City Personal Injury Lawyers

Often, personal injury can be the result of another person or company’s inattention, poor choices, risky behavior, medical mistakes, defective products and many other causes. Personal Injuries can occur on the road, at work, in the hospital, in shops and malls and in many other locations.

In Missouri, the law says an injury caused by someone else’s negligence is a violation of the injured person’s legal rights. In such cases, a personal injury claim can be an effective remedy. Missouri laws protect and compensate for monetary, physical and psychological damages that are caused by the negligence or unreasonably safe actions or conditions of other people or organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Law

Bring us your concerns after you have suffered injuries in a car accident or any type of accident or assault.

What Are Some Common Accidental Injuries That Can Occur?

Injuries resulting from accidents include fractures or sprains; cuts or lacerations from handling sharp objects; burns from contact with hot surfaces or liquids; and head injuries like concussions from impacts. Car accidents can lead to various injuries, from minor bruises to more serious conditions, such as whiplash or traumatic injuries.

How Can An Attorney Help With Your Personal Injury Case?

In the event of an accident, a personal injury lawyer can assist with seeking compensation and handling legal matters related to the injury. An attorney can provide invaluable assistance by evaluating your case, gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and advocating for your rights in court if necessary. They bring expertise in legal strategy, can navigate complex legal procedures, and strive to secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Can You Sue For Pain And Suffering In Jefferson City?

Yes, in Jefferson City, Missouri, you can pursue compensation for pain and suffering as part of a personal injury lawsuit. This is considered noneconomic damage, and your attorney can help you prove the extent of your pain and suffering to the court or insurance company.

How Long Does It Take To Wrap Up A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The timeline for a personal injury lawsuit can vary widely. It depends on numerous details of the case, the willingness of the parties to settle, and the court’s schedule. Some cases resolve in a few months, while others can take years. An experienced attorney can provide a more specific projected timeline based on the details of your case.

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