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Workers’ Compensation Law Firm For Central Missouri Employees

Missouri’s workers’ compensation system is based on the idea that all employers must purchase insurance to cover their employees in the event they are hurt on the job. This arrangement means that employers are legally obligated to insure their employees, who, in turn, usually do not have the option to bring injury claims against their employers.

At Grayson & Grayson, we help ensure that injured workers get all their rightful benefits and have the advocacy they may need when a workers’ compensation insurer does not cover injuries properly.

Why Should You Have A Lawyer On Your Side After An On-The-Job Accidental Injury?

Employers and their workers’ compensation insurers sometimes give workers the impression that getting proper benefits after an injury is straightforward. Unfortunately, that is often not enough. With legal advice, you will have the peace of mind that your attorneys’ experience can provide, with regard to:

  • Ensuring that your workers’ compensation claim receives proper evaluation and fulfillment
  • Resolving problems if an insurer pays too little or stops paying
  • Evaluating the facts of your case to determine whether you also have a third-party liability claim

Sometimes, workers’ compensation claims are denied or undervalued. That is when legal counsel is important. Also, some workplace injuries are the fault of other parties besides employers. In such cases, injured workers may be able to bring third-party liability claims against those negligent individuals or entities. An effective personal injury lawyer can review the facts of your workplace accident to ensure that you have all the knowledge and protection that you deserve.

The workers’ compensation system is set up to not only provide and pay for all the medical treatment you require but also, in some cases, to provide monetary benefits to replace your loss of wages while you cannot work and are recovering. Once you have recovered, you should be compensated for any permanent injuries you may have. Compensation for pain and suffering is not part of the workers’ compensation system, but with a third-party liability claim, you may be able to recover for such noneconomic damages.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Focusing On Your Needs And Rights

The amount of benefits you receive is based upon your degree of injury according to a doctor. Often, the doctor who decides how injured you are is hired by your employer. They may be paid by your employer to give hundreds of opinions about injured workers.

At Grayson & Grayson, we will help ensure that you have a say in the medical care you receive and other aspects of workers’ compensation benefits.

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